How I Got My First Amazon GC in 7 Days

After bumping into Swag Bucks on message board and across the net, and reading about so many people racking up Amazon gift cards, I decided to give Swag Bucks another go.

Once I logged back in, it took me exactly 7 days to earn 450 points for my first Amazon $5 gift card. Check out the breakdown…

1/19:  61 Swag Bucks earned

  • Toolbar use
  • Searching the web

1/20: 85 Swag Bucks earned

1/21: 88 Swag Bucks

1/22: 52 Swag Bucks

1/23: 24 Swag Bucks

1/24: 29 Swag Bucks

1/25: 89 Swag Bucks

  • 4 Daily Swag Bucks
  • Searching the web
  • Completing 3 special offers
  • Swag Bucks TV (3 rounds)
  • Swag Code

Added to the the Swag Bucks that I earned back when I signed up in November, I had more than the 450 Swag Bucks needed to cash in for my first $5 Amazon Gift Card!!! (With a little left over towards the next one).


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