Four Daily Swag Bucks

#1 – Swag Bucks Toolbar:

After installing the Swag Bucks toolbar, be sure to use it at least once a day. You’ll 1 Swag Buck each day!

#2 – Daily Polls:

Each day there is a quick and easy question with multiple choice answers. Select an answer, click vote, and you’ve just earned a Swag Buck.

#3 – NOSOs (No Obligation Special Offers):

Open the NOSO page. On the bottom of each offer page, click “Skip Offer”. Continue skipping all offers presented (unless you are interested in one, of course).  After skipping the final offer, you’ll earn a Swag Buck!

#4 – Trusted Surveys:

Visit the Trusted Surveys each day to earn one Swag Buck.

One Swag Buck at a time may not sound like much, but just think: 4 Swag Bucks a day for 30 days earns you 120 guaranteed Swag Bucks per month, with just a few clicks.


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